CTA developed custom software solutions for specialized industries that are not able to find products that meet their specific needs. With its team of professionals, CTA has always ensured that the finest products available on the market are advised to the client. As a result, CTA has earned a respectable reputation within the general business world.

We work with several select partners who can provide a wide range of products which have a high installation base and are therefore, well tested, and well supported. Furthermore, the products that CTA develops are modular, extremely flexible, and can be phased in over time as a company grows, or as cash flow permits.

CTA will provide innovative solutions to your complicated business problems by creating software applications that meet your specific requirements.

We will work independently or in conjunction with your staff to develop systems that integrate new applications to existing software or hardware in order to enhance your capabilities and make your company more productive and efficient.

At CTA, we believe that in today’s world, an understanding of technical, managerial and software issues are crucial to business success. Those companies that are willing to spend time in developing and maintaining computerized systems will have the edge over others.

We are proud of our past achievements, and will be looking forward to supplying you with quality products and support, for all your computer decisions. CTA is aware, when a computer decision is to be made; there is no doubt, that with professional guidance and advice, it will definitely lead to a better investment decision. This is why CTA is here, an independent company distributing no-one specific name of products, but products, which ensure our goal, which is, quality and customer satisfaction.

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