With an estimated 340 million people (and growing at a rate of 10% a month) browsing the internet for information, it is no wonder that the number of companies adding world wide web site to their marketing program is doubling every six months.

Here are a few key strategies that will make your web site succeed:

Proper planning :
Your web site must be thoughtfully integrated with your overall marketing plans, using solid strategies to achieve specific objectives. Browsing the web, you will find an abundance of sites with no clearly defined purpose. Your web site should produce a return on investment equal to or greater than other marketing elements. Accomplishing this requires careful planning and implementation.

Professional help :
The world wide web is a vast new frontier. Avoid costly mistakes and time consuming trial-and-error by relying on a professional firm that will assess how you will best benefit from the Web; write, copy, and design graphics that will effectively fit the medium; develop and maintain reliable HTML web documents, and help generate traffic to your site.

Content is everything :
A web site may be used to display your company's catalog, describe your services, and offer consumers useful information that will either directly or indirectly promote your services, and promotions. Your site must be richly designed using mostly small, fast-loading images and logos (business card) that do not make navigating through your site unnecessarily slow. Make your site as interactive as possible to gather visitor feedback through e-mail and forms.

Visibility counts :
Getting noticed on the web depends on two primary factors: First, your site must be registered with all the major on-line search directories including Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, Yahoo, etc. Second, your web pages must be carefully titled to include the key words likely to be used in web searches by your prospects.

CTA inc. can put your business on the internet. You have no doubt been told that your business needs internet presence. The media has documented the internet explosion, as more and more people discover the world wide web. At the same time, business is taking advantage of the internet as an incredibly effective, efficient, and economical marketing tool.

What are the advantages of internet presence for a business?
Exposure, image, expanded customer base, and closeness to customers are just a few of the many advantages. Your business's "electronic brochure" can incorporate graphics, text, sound, and even animated clips. This brochure, when published on the internet, is available to an estimated 50 million people worldwide. The potential exposure is greater than with any other advertising medium. These 50 million consumers provide a huge expanded market for your product or service. CTA will publish your web pages to all the major internet indices, so that these potential customers will find your pages.

Your business also benefits from becoming known as technologically astute. As you include your e-mail address, your domain name, and your web page address in other advertising and correspondence, your business's reputation as up to date and current will flourish. Your business will also benefit from the added lines of communication that the internet offers. Your customers can send electronic mail to you 24 hours per day. Using the internet is usually done by one person at his or her computer. This makes your response, which can be automated, a one-on-one personal communication with your customer. This closeness to your customers is a valuable business trait.

The only limitation is your imagination. Of course, you will want to describe your business and its product or service, with words, pictures, sounds, and even animation. You can provide on-line customer support for your product or service, easing the burdens on your staff. You can also offer your product or service for sale on-line, taking orders over the internet.

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